InvestRate provides independent equity research services to professional investors. We rate and rank stocks on the basis of our Stock Ranking Model. The coverage currently includes more than 450 stocks from the non-banking sector of the S&P 500.

The Model rates Value Potential of stocks under coverage on the basis of values implied by potential future cash flows estimated from long-term industry margins. All stocks are ranked according to the ratio of these implied values to the securities current market prices. We also rank stocks according to their Relative Value on the basis of a set of carefully selected valuation (price-based) and fundamental (balance sheet-based) ratios. For a detailed model description, please read the Methodology section of our Products Description.

A complete overview of the Value Potential and Relative Value rankings as well as basic price-trend indicators and our rating of risk factor for all securities under coverage is published in the weekly updated Value Rating report. InvestRate also provides the Value Watch report a selection of fifty US stocks that we feel deserve investors attention since they show the highest Overall Rank, the average of the Value Potential and Relative Value rankings.



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